Top 5 Android TV Boxes reviews in Gearbest

Today, I will be reviewing 5 Android TV boxes which you can get to buy from GearBest.

1.Original Xiaomi Mi TV Box $69.90

  • It has good build quality and minimalistic design concept. It has that pebble look with mat finish and MI logo on front. It has HDMI port and ear phone jack plus usb port. Easily can be installed and docked with the tv set.. supports both 4k and full HD. Can use android remote also. it\’s really fast and easy to use. the remote control is really good and has a mic built-in to record your voice to speak with the TV box. it\’s also very easy to install thanks to Android TV . plus it has a Google cast service so it works just like you had a Google cast.
  • It lacks Ethernet port. Voice search option is not the best in class but still good than others like chrome cast that lacks this service.

2.Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box $47.99

  • Alfawise H96 Pro+ distinguishes itself from its competitors by sporting 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. In practice, these helped a lot in application response and multitasking. Android “breathed” better. Add root capabilities to the aforementioned and “heavy” users will be able to reach the device’s full potential. Alfawise H96 Pro+ is among the best and fastest Android media boxes out there and deserves a place in your shortlist. This box does what it says. Period. This is an Android TV monster. It is very snappy. The Dolby digital and DTS work very well. Picture quality is very awesome. You can\’t beat this box for the money.
  • -Should be more air vents, but I\’m able to sat it partially off the ledge which maybe the reason it\’s not overheating. -The casing is pliable/made out of plastic, so be careful not to drop it.

3.Beelink GT1 Ultimate Android TV Box $74.99

  • This is a quite small size, yet very powerfull TV box. It has 3 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM, so plenty of free space to install applications. It is very well built, very good material quality. The firmware has updates, so they keep fixing the bugs. It is very easy to set up and use. It also has a remote control, and it is easy to control with it.
  • Remote control not the best. Plus sometimes I get forced close from applications (even the launcher), but maybe in a future update it will be fixed.

4.SCISHION V88 TV Box Player Rockchip 3229 Quad Core $22.49


  • cheapest Android TV box available. Suits just fine for all streaming purposes. YouTube hd streams play beautifully without any lag. Kodi runs well. be patient with the first run as it updates itself. you get what you pay for with this box. highly recommended if streaming only objective. look for higher priced tv boxes if gaming is primary objective.
  • Wish the remote was of better quality, but is alright; works is all that matters.

5.Beelink GT1 Android TV Box Octa Core Amlogic S912 $62.99

  • A fantastic TV box. All applications on the playstore can be used with a resolution of 4K. It connects via Wifi with both Dual Band WiFi frequencies from 2.4G plus 5.8G. It has a core octave CPU and 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM.
  • The remote will do but its very hard to do mouse movements with it, requires some patience. As mentioned in many YouTube reviews its recommended to buy a better remote if you are goint to use the box for more than just playing media.

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