Should you buy gearbest shipping insurance

You should to purchase the gearbest shiping insurance, please click “Add shipping insurance” when you check out. As we know the shipping time is long, I suggest you to purchase the shipping insurance, in case that the parcel loss or damage during the international delivery. so gearbest will free resend you the same item or refund you .

2017 Gearbest policies for  lost parcels:

If you do not get your parcel within the final destionation 45 working days after shipping date, you can get:
100% reimbursement for orders with insurance (value of the articles in the order)
100% reimbursement for any order below 30$ (with or without insurance)
50% reimbursement for any order above 30$ with no insurance

But you should know  Gearbest’s shipping insurance does not cover some situations:

If you refused to accept the goods from Customs for any reason, including but not limited to refusing to pay import tax and charges imposed by customs.
– If the goods could not clear due to import restrictions that are specific to your own country, e.g. FDA approval of products (USA), country-specific certification, restricted categories of goods, quotas, so-called anti-dumping enforcement etc.
– If you refused to accept applicable taxes or other charges associated with the import procedure.

More details you can contact with Gearbest support center.

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