GearBest Shipping to Australia

A lot of Australia customers don’t know how long is gearbest shipping time and  which shipping method is the best way to choose? Today we will introduce GearBest Shipping to Australia. I hope this article is helpful to you.


1. Which warehouse  does your items from?

Many customers don’t know that different warehouses have different shipping methods. You can read how many  warehouses  does gearbest have? The warehouse currently is at China, USA, Europe, UK, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Australia and Japan. of course, you choose australia warehouse is the fastest ways to get you orders, But  if  your order that  Australian warehouse doesn’t have , So gearbest must ship from other warehouses.
As we know, Gearbest is usually shipped from warehouses in China or Hong Kong. if you choose some items and click Warehouses in other countries like:Us, Eu,Uk… it will appear “out of stock”.

2.The different shipping methods of the different warehouse

If your order is from Hong kong warehouse, the shipping methods : Flat Rate Shipping, Expedited Shipping, Unregistered Air Mail (No Tracking Number). If you’re not in a hurry to get your orders, you can choose Flat Rate Shipping, the shipping cost is 0, but if you want get your orders quickly, you can choose Expedited Shipping. Note :You must not to choose Unregistered Air Mail, because it can’t be tracking .

If your order is from China warehouse, the shipping methods : Unregistered Air Mail (No Tracking Number), Registered Air Mail, Priority Line, Expedited Shipping. AU Express or Australia Express is the shipping methods we suggest to Australian customers. This shipping is cheap (sometimes free for orders above $40), fast (7 – 15 business days) and safe (international transfers are managed by major logistics partner DPEX). The final delivery of the parcel is made in Australia by Australia Post. Note :You must not to choose Unregistered Air Mail, because it can’t be tracking .
About other warehouses, in general, many items are out of stock , so we won’t introduce them.
In general, you will get your order in 7-15 days, but during peak season, this time may be extended. Some areas are considered remote, and the delivery time may be longer, and  you can read:


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