What is the gearbest payment method?

A lot of people want to know what is gearbest’s payment method? Are there any common payment methods? Today we will introduce various payment methods, and you can see which payment method is best for you.

Gearbest payment method

(1) paypal
PayPal: the most convenient payment method in the world,
GearBest primarily uses PayPal to process secure payments. Through PayPal, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfer (debit card).
PayPal Credit: US Customers can pay now or pay over time (for orders up to $99). Enjoy interest-free payments if paid in full in 6 months; approval process is fast, with no annual fees.

(2)Credit card
Gearbest can also accept Credit Card payment using Mastercard or Visa Read.

(3)Western Union
It’s a little bit more complicated, but some buyers don’t have paypal and credit card, you can use western Union, This is a detailed procedure for you:
1.your order must be more than 300 USD
2.when you check out, you can choose paypal or credit card  as you payment method
3.click place your order and write down your order numberplace your order picture

4. gearbest western union account is :
First name:GUANGNI
Last name:LIAO
City: Shenzhen
Country / Region: China
Zip: 518000
5. The last step:  After you pay, you need contact with customer service and tell them :
(1) The sender’s name
(2) The exact amount you send
(3) Sender’s address
(4) Your shipping address.
(5) The 10 digit control number.
(6) Your order number.
(7) The country you send from.
(8) The receiver’s name.
(4)webmoney,Qiwi, yandex money
If you are on russian or Ukraine, you can use the webmoney ,Qiwi or yandex money to pay,as we know, the three payment methods is the biggest payment method on Commonwealth of Independent States.
(5) Cashu
It is a prepaid online service for  Middle East and North Africa customers. you can use it very safe,because every transaction is password-protected, with funds kept in a secure escrow account for peace of mind.
(6) Boleto Bancario
Brazil customers can pay by Boleto Bancario via Ebanx.

Can I pay cash on delivery?

I think these payment methods have been met most of the customers , but if these payment methods you do not have anyone then does gearbest support cash on delivery?
I will you unfortunately no, currently gearbest do not accept this type of payment method.

What is Gearbest Wallet?

Some readers  ask what is gearbest wallet? And how to use GB wallet?
GB Wallet is a fast and secure payment tool based on store credit. Using GB Wallet will offer you many advantages such as expedited refunds.If you want get a refund from gearbest, you can use the
GB wallet, this is the fastest way to get rufund, If you choose to receive your refund on your GB Wallet, we will also offer you extra points. Refunds will also be prioritized for GB Wallet, you will receive your refund within 24 hours.

Can I withdraw money from Gearbest wallet?

Yes, you can , but I want tell you, if you want withdraw money from Gearbest wallet, you can not do it by youself, you can only contact with the customer service, and the customer service will help you to withdraw.
you can see me talking with customer service piture:
talking picture 1               talking picture 2

Overall, if you have some question with gearbest, you can write a comment, I will write back when I saw it.

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