Australia definite guide for shopping in gearbest

If you are an Australian and if you want to shopping in gearbest , then maybe you are interested in this article, I hope “Australia definite guide for shopping in gearbest” can make you easy to shopping in gearbest.

1, About gearbest

Gearbest is a China online shopping website, it is located in China shenzhen, shenzhen is  the biggest electronic products manufacturer on the world,Shenzhen has many famous technology company,For example: Xiaomi, DJI, Huawei . Gearbest  has more than 3000 employees, it sales reached $ 1.3 billion in 2016,  it’s buyers from more than 200 countries all over the world.The picture is shenzhen,if you go to shenzhen you will find this is a surprising city, so many technology company at the city, and shenzhen is  called China’s silicon valley.

2,Gearbest is safe to shopping?

of course, gearbest is a trusted website to shopping, but as we know, there are no shopping website can guarantee that every customer shopping is going well, including amazon, ebay. For example, you can not  tracking your order or  you do not received the goods,  the color is not you want…In a word, this is a very small probability, and if you have any problems, you can get help from the customer service.

3. The pay methods for Australian

Paypal and credit card, I suggest to use paypal, because  PayPal protection has been extended to 180 days in Australia, you can apply rufund within 180 days when you recieved your orders.

4. The shipping methods for Australian

Depending on the shipping warehouse, there are different shipping methods. I have write a article about shipping to australia: GEARBEST SHIPPING TO AUSTRALIA

If your order is from Hong kong warehouse, the shipping methods : Flat Rate Shipping, Expedited Shipping, Unregistered Air Mail (No Tracking Number). If you’re not in a hurry to get your orders, you can choose Flat Rate Shipping, the shipping cost is 0, but if you want get your orders quickly, you can choose Expedited Shipping. Note :You must not to choose Unregistered Air Mail, because it can’t be tracking .
If your order is from China warehouse, the shipping methods : Unregistered Air Mail (No Tracking Number), Registered Air Mail, Priority Line, Expedited Shipping. AU Express or Australia Express is the shipping methods we suggest to Australian customers. This shipping is cheap (sometimes free for orders above $40), fast (7 – 15 business days) and safe (international transfers are managed by major logistics partner DPEX). The final delivery of the parcel is made in Australia by Australia Post. Note :You must not to choose Unregistered Air Mail, because it can’t be tracking .

5, How to apply return?

1,You do’t receive the item or the wrong item
2, if the item is ok, but you want a return
3, The product is faulty or do’t working

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