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In September, many students are going to school. They need to buy some new electronic products to replace the old ones. Today we will introduce some of the most popular Earphones in gearbest. If you want to buy a new earphone, you can read this article.

1.Original Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones Fresh Version $5.79

Original Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones Fresh Version 

  • They sound pretty good, much better than you\’d expect for the price. Very similar to a pair of Sony earphones that are usually 5x the price. There\’s a bit more bass than Sony\’s sound signature so the mid\’s and highs aren\’t spectacular but definitely worth picking up. Hoping that this is a standard sound signature for Xiaomi products.
  • Cable itself is a bit lighter than i would like but works fine, had initial crackling when you twisted the 3.5mm jack but that disappeared after the first hour. Comes with 2 sets of spare ear tips.

2.Original Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro $22.99

Original Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro

  • The Mi In Ear Headphones Pro HD is the best earphone you can buy at this price line – actually it can beat other headphones way above it\’s price! It\’s a beautiful, all metal body earphone. The audio quality is stunning, the level of details is amazing, the range of Bass is quite good! Totally worth the shot, if you\’re in doubt! Frequencies are equilibrated and each of them receive the same amount of volume, and obviously, the sound stage is very good! It\’s very comfy too, and you can use it for hear any kind of music for hours.
  • But keep that in mind: If you are a basshead lover, maybe you\’ll be a little disappointed – the sound is equilibrated, Bass don\’t get a special treatment here like JBL do in their PureBass earphones. Mi in ear Headphones Pro HD focuses on detail and sound fidelity.

3.Original Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones $15.59

Original Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones 

  • you will love how they sound, sound is well balanced, great build quality, they can last forever, very light and easy to use, running, working out, driving, no problems at all. Very juicy sound, even with the budget Android Smartphones .The sound on Macbook pro is amazing! The microphone is one of the best, suitable for podcast/voice recording the overall quality is very nice!
  • They lack a littlw bit of bass but nothing you can\’t fix with a good equalizer.

4.KZ ZS5 Detachable HiFi Earphones $18.39

KZ ZS5 Detachable HiFi Earphones

  • For this price they are fantastic! Really good sound and they are great to walking/running in. They are pretty comfortable even if you wear glasses if you bend the cable close to your ear.
  • Nothing major at this price but if I were picky I\’d say get a cable upgrade and better tips just to improve the comfort and for a more premium feel. The cable is a little stiff and if you crush it up into a box it will remember it\’s shape which can be a little irritating.

5.Original Xiaomi Mi Capsule Half In-ear Earphones with Mic $9.99

Original Xiaomi Mi Capsule Half In-ear Earphones with Mic

  • Headphones very good materials and how ergonomics. Very comfortable to wear and also after prolonged use do not cause any discomfort. You can safely use it for hours without getting tired or experience discomfort in the ear. How sound they are lower in bass definition sound than the Hybrid, but they have a sound range on much richer medium, suited for this polisinfoniche music and capable of enhancing the tools you usually feel little.
  • As maximum volume are excellent. They provide, however, a good sound stage even at high volumes without any distortions. The lack of excess bass tones favors this. They are a great product for those who do not want to spend much and loves classical music, symphonic and multi-instrumental. Not suitable for speech, because after a while \’you are forced to turn down the volume because the voice becomes annoying because of the greater exposure of the middle tones.

6.KZ-ED9 In-ear Super Bass HiFi Earphones with Microphone $9.79

KZ-ED9 In-ear Super Bass HiFi Earphones with Microphone

  • Build in metal, appears to last for a good time Coming with two distinct filters is really a plus for a phone with this price Its package come with different sized eartips, S M L, and another Medium to quickly change between the filters, without needing to change the eartips The case that it comes in is really cool but not too practical to carrying around About the sound: It\’s really amazing, low, mids and high are very clear, emphasis on its bass which is very pleasable to hear, deep and fast, a good deal for those who are looking for a cheap earphone to listen to Pop and Electronic music, and with the mids that it provides it does a good job in Rock and Metal too, highs are bright and complement the whole experience, and the two filters that it comes with auxiliates you to choosing between a more bassy sound or a balanced one, and it responds very well to equalizing, resuming it is a really a great experience for a in-ear phone that costs less than 10 dollars.
  • Slightly loose when using it lying on bed Sometimes when you pause a music using the button in the mic it starts doing a static noise and it stops when you remove and plug in the phone again.

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